Formal chickpea seed, obtained from the plant of the same name, is one of the most widely used and cultivated plants in Asia. It can be said that chickpeas were one of the oldest human crops on the planet.

The appearance of the formal pea plant, like many other legumes, is short (of course) as a shrub with a height of about thirty to forty centimeters. The chickpea plant is usually grown in wet, near-river lands such as Kermanshah, India and other parts of East Asia.

Chickpea cultivation is very useful and strengthening for arable lands, and in many cases, farmers cultivate chickpeas one by one among their crops in order to increase the cultivation power of the land and to cultivate better crops.

Chickpea has a very good and high calorie content, which makes it possible to use it as a complete meal. Also, the amount of fiber, protein and minerals in chickpeas is at its highest in beans. In the following, we will examine the nutritional value and minerals and vitamins in official chickpeas in more detail. Each 100 grams of chickpeas, which is approximately equal to an average cup, contains the following minerals and proteins:

In general, the energy contained in chickpea is equal to 686 kJ or 164 kcal.




The vitamins in chickpeas are about 0.12 mg of vitamin B, 0.06 mg of vitamin B2, 172 mg of folic acid, 1.3 mg of vitamin C, 0.35 mg of vitamin E, and in addition to these vitamins, high amounts of minerals such as calcium, Magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and sodium are present in chickpeas.

This amount of protein and minerals in a legume can make it a very nutritious food source for children and pregnant women. The amount of calories in a cup of boiled chickpeas is about 269 calories, the amount of calories in a cup of canned chickpeas is about 286 calories and the amount of calories in a cup of raw chickpeas is about 728 calories.

Since chickpea has a very high fiber, you must be careful in consuming it and benefit from this feature in the best way.

The fiber in chickpeas, like a powerful cleanser, cleanses our body’s digestive system of any bacteria and germs and improves its function.

The presence of this amount of fiber in chickpeas lowers blood glucose levels and helps control blood sugar, therefore, people with diabetes are highly recommended to consume chickpeas daily in the program and diet.

Another property of chickpea fiber for the body is lowering blood cholesterol, which is one of the main reasons for consuming chickpeas for people with high blood fats and cholesterol.

It is recommended that you always soak all beans, especially chickpeas, the night before, so that the amount of bloating in the beans is reduced to a minimum or zero.



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