Lima beans, also known as lima or Christmas beans, are one of the richest beans in the bean category. The appearance of the lima bean is usually purple with white streaks, but this bean model can also be seen with other colors such as green, white and red. The size of a lima bean is much larger than other beans and it tastes like a chestnut.

Farms where lima bean farming is practiced usually cultivate land in Native South America. In fact, the name Lima goes back to a city in Peru (which was the main source of cultivation of this bean in the world). Propagation and cultivation of lima beans or lima beans originally began in Peru.

In general, lima beans need a warm, dry climate to grow and thrive. Therefore, it can be a very suitable option for cultivation in the southern regions of Iran, especially in Khuzestan province.


Benefits and nutritional value of lima beans

Lima beans are one of the richest legumes in terms of nutritional value. Each hundred grams of lima beans has about 300 calories, about 20 grams of fiber, 14 mg of sodium, 20 grams of protein (which is a very significant amount compared to the protein in 100 grams of meat), 57 mg of calcium, 7.7 mg Iron (which fully meets the body’s daily need for iron; the amount of iron in lima beans is about 5 times more than pinto beans).

The size of the pod of a lima bean is about 10 to 15 cm and its flowers are usually seen in white and yellow. The growth time of the bean is about 75 to 85 days. It is necessary to know that the lima bean plant has a very good resistance to heat and dehydration. That’s why planting is so cost-effective.


Lima beans 1


Each bean seed is about 2 to 3 times larger than a regular bean. The length of the lima bean plant reaches a height of about 3 meters. For this reason, basic preservatives must be used for planting.

Lima beans are a very nutritious source of fiber and therefore can be a very good choice in the daily diet to help digestion. The amount of fiber in lima beans helps regulate blood sugar a lot, so people who produce less insulin can use lima beans in their diet.

Fortunately, lima beans are fat-free and can be one of the basic legumes for use in healthy diets and of course used by the elderly. The antioxidant properties of lima beans eliminate free radicals in the body and minimize oxidative stress.

Due to the high protein content of lima beans, consuming it weekly can increase and improve the body’s natural growth and reduce the damage caused by diseases.


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