Lentil dal (in hindi masoor dal) is the common name for red lentils. The seeds are smaller than regular lentils (green) and are red, and of course the same red color makes this lentil taste like tomatoes. Fortunately, this plant can be grown in all climates and is very popular because of its benefits.

The nature of lentil seeds or red lentils is hot and dry and therefore can be one of the main components of children’s diet. Nowadays, when meat consumption is unfortunately much higher than vegetarian food, vegetarians are trying to include many forgotten legumes such as red lentils in their diets. In fact, it can be said that the reason most people do not use red lentils is the lack of awareness of its many properties. Fortunately, red lentils are used in many foods and salads in Iran.


Properties of red lentils

Red lentils reduce the risk of cancer due to the presence of large amounts of antioxidants. In addition, red lentils, due to their high content of protein and minerals, can help improve the function of body organs such as the heart and kidneys. The fiber in red lentils improves gastrointestinal function and much better digestion, regulates blood sugar levels and completely stabilizes blood glucose fluctuations.

Red lentils have no cholesterol and can be a lean substance for people who are careful about their weight (such as athletes) or people who are on a fat diet. Fortunately, the amount of sugar in red lentils is 1.8, which could be another reason to use lentils in diets.

It is important to know that each cup of red lentils contains 9 grams of protein, which provides about 2% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, 18% of iron, 1% of calcium, 10% of vitamin B6 and 9% of magnesium.

In addition, research has shown that significant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants. That is why eating red lentils is highly recommended to strengthen the immune system.

Finally, red lentils are originally native to India, and are commonly found in South Asian countries. This plant (red lentil) is one of the most important foods in Indian cuisine and it is mainly used in preparing cereals and curries.

In some parts of India, red lentils are also used to make bread. Red lentils have a well-defined appearance and should not be easily overlooked when buying groceries in the store. Today, this type of lentil can be easily found in all parts of the world.


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