Black-eyed peas are a medium-sized edible bean that grows in many parts of the world. A type of black-eyed pea is a domestic plant in Africa and is sometimes called a black-eyed pea. They are very pale and have a large black, brown or red spot that looks like an eye, hence, it is so named.

You may ask, what is the difference between black-eyed beans and black-eyed peas? The fact is that both belong to the same family and there is no noticeable difference between them. Both are legumes that have several health benefits and can be used interchangeably.

In Nigeria, however, black-eyed peas are known as black-eyed peas. They are often used in the preparation of Eva Riro (bean stew) and many other dishes.

Black-eyed beans have many benefits, including energy production, tissue repair, and more. This protein plant contains enough fiber to help control weight. It also reduces the effects of diabetes, strengthens bones, controls blood pressure, minimizes indigestion and more.

This article discusses the nutritional value and health benefits of black-eyed pea:


Nutritional value of black-eyed pea


Black-eyed peas are rich in nutrients and high in carbohydrates, fiber and protein. They contain significant amounts of copper, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

They are also rich in vitamins such as folate (vitamin B9) and thiamine (vitamin B1).


Benefits of black-eyed pea beans for health

Due to its rich nutritional properties, black-eyed pea has several health benefits, some of which are mentioned below:


1) Black-eyed peas improve gastrointestinal health

Black-eyed peas have a good amount of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a vital nutrient that helps promote gastrointestinal health. 170 grams of cooked black-eyed peas contain 11 grams of soluble fiber. Many studies have shown that consuming soluble fiber can help improve digestive health, increase stool frequency, and prevent constipation.


2) Helps to lose weight

Black-eyed peas are rich in protein and soluble fiber, which makes them a great food for weight loss. 100 grams of raw black-eyed pea beans contain approximately 24 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber. Therefore, eating black-eyed peas can help you feel fuller and reduce the feeling of hunger.


فواید لوبیا چشم بلبلی


3) It is useful for the brain

Another great health benefit of black-eyed pea is that it improves brain health. They are especially rich in thiamine (vitamin B1), which is very important for the functioning of the nervous system. Thiamine is involved in many body processes. Our bodies use thiamine to convert nutrients into energy and maintain the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.


4) Strengthens the immune system

There are a number of vital nutrients and minerals in black-eyed pea that can help boost your immune system. This healthy food contains significant amounts of copper, zinc, iron and magnesium, and these nutrients contribute to a healthy immune system. For example, the role of copper in the production of white blood cells is very important.


5) Keeps the heart healthy

Black-eyed peas contain phytosterols, which are very useful for lowering your cholesterol levels. Phytosterols also help fight cancer and give you a heart with good working conditions. Other studies have shown that regular consumption of legumes, such as black-eyed peas, is also associated with reduced inflammation, which can also help reduce the risk of heart disease.


6) Helps prevent anemia

Anemia is a common disease among vegetarians and pregnant women that leads to fatigue. This is due to a lack of iron in the blood, which carries oxygen throughout the body.

The iron in black-eyed pea helps increase iron levels in the body, which helps fight anemia. These grains are also an excellent source of copper, which works with iron and helps the body make red blood cells.


7) Manages diabetes

As a diabetic, you know that the best way to manage this condition is to control your sugar intake. Adding black-eyed peas to your diet can help regulate your blood sugar levels. The fiber in black-eyed pea helps normalize blood sugar levels in the body.


حبوبات لوبیا چشم بلبلی


8) Strengthens bones

Black-eyed peas are high in calcium, copper and phosphorus, which help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. For example, in the case of a woman, calcium is depleted during childbirth, resulting in osteoporosis.

The result is weakened bones. Black-eyed peas are rich in phosphorus and calcium, help strengthen bones and keep you healthy as you age.


9) An excellent source of protein

Protein is an essential nutrient in the body that helps build and maintain muscle. So if you exercise and want to reduce your meat intake, you should include black-eyed pea in your diet. These beans are a good source of protein that helps you build muscle and gain energy.


10) Useful for pregnant women

Black-eyed peas contain some vital vitamins and minerals that are essential for pregnant women. These beans are rich in folate, a vitamin that reduces the risk of birth defects in pregnant women.

170 grams of cooked black-eyed peas contain 88% of the daily value (DV) of folate. Therefore, black-eyed pea should be consumed by pregnant women.


The last word

Apart from its nutritional benefits, black-eyed pea also has a wonderful taste. It can be cooked as food or mixed in hot water and served as tea.

These amazing beans are good for both young and old people, especially pregnant women. Black-eyed peas are an essential food for any home.



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