Cashew oil seed is a small part of the fruit of the tropical cashew tree. These small cashew are attached to the lower part of the cashew fruit and as long as they attach to the mother plant, they are completely green and have a very hard skin.

Cashew seeds should not be in direct contact with the skin before processing because they are very inflammatory and allergenic.

Using gloves and a knife, you must first remove the cashew shell, which is a very thin pod, and then soak them in a solution of water and turmeric for 24 to 48 hours to remove the so-called poison around the plant and Wiped out its allergenic membrane. You can then roast and heat these seeds and eat them with other nuts.


Benefits of cashew

It is necessary to know in advance the properties of these vitamin-rich oilseeds that the nature of cashews is quite warm.

Each cashew kernel contains significant amounts of B vitamins, vitamin K, vitamin C and essential minerals for the body. Minerals in cashews include: zinc, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Due to the warm nature of these oilseeds (cashews), you should know that you will have one of the best fertility stimulants. And of course, eating cashews after pregnancy completely prevents heart disease in both mother and fetus.


cashew seeds


The amount of magnesium in cashews is so much that it can meet all the needs of the fetus and mother for magnesium.

Cashew is also highly recommended for many children with anemia. In addition to relieving anemia in children, cashews also strengthen and improve bone growth.

Other properties of cashews include repairing and improving skin and hair. Eating cashews prevents hair bleaching, eliminates pimples and scars on the skin, and prevents premature aging of the skin.

In many cases, it has been observed that for the treatment of acne, the use of cashew nuts is recommended for people with a non-variable nature.

Due to the energy contained in these oilseeds, it is very necessary to consume it in slimming diets, because with high satiety power and high supply of vitamins to the body, it is possible to avoid eating unnecessary and fattening foods.

And of course, it is necessary to know that you must be very balanced in consuming cashew, because consuming too much cashew causes kidney stones in susceptible kidneys and of course, excessive consumption of cashews may also cause gastrointestinal upset.



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