Black pepper is a tall, slender plant that grows and grows around trees and tall stems around it like climbing plants. In fact, black pepper, which is available to everyone in powder form today, is the crushed and powdered seeds of the black pepper plant, which are obtained as small seeds (about 5 mm or 0.20 inches) from the pepper plant.

These fruits should be dried first and then powdered. Black pepper is one of the main spices in kitchens and recipes. In the Middle Ages, black pepper was used as a gift or money, and each person’s capital and wealth was equal to the amount of black pepper he stored.

Although black pepper belongs to the family of peppers (spices), but its degree of spiciness (which is due to the action of the piperine molecule) is very proportional and low compared to other peppers and has a more pleasant smell. Black pepper is widely used to eliminate the raw smell of meat.


Benefits and uses of black pepper

Black pepper is the most essential medicine for stomach irritation and this property is due to its ability to increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid. This property makes digestion much easier.

On the other hand, proper digestion prevents constipation, diarrhea and flatulence. Therefore, the use of black pepper as a spice in all foods, apart from the proper taste and smell, has many benefits in terms of digestion. (We know that proper digestion leads to weight balance and weight loss, so we can say that black pepper is very important in the diet of people who want to lose weight)


black pepper


Black pepper is one of the healing remedies for colds; Because black pepper is very respiratory stimulant and of course expectorant and helps the respiratory system to get rid of any infection that you have.

The antibacterial properties of black pepper make it a spice in the fight against infections in the diet of patients. By cleaning the arteries, black pepper helps to remove excess cholesterol from the walls of the arteries in a similar way to fiber and is very effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Do not forget that patients who have had abdominal surgery should not use black pepper at all, because black pepper irritates the intestines and will pose risks for these people.

The benefits of black pepper are not limited to what we described above; Black pepper is not the only spice to give flavor and smell to food, black pepper is a healing medicine that has both preventive and curative properties.

It is necessary to know that preparing black pepper at home is much more suitable. Prepare black pepper seeds and pulverize them with a grinder, or prepare black pepper powder from brands that are prepared in a completely hygienic way.



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