Cardamom are small fragrant seeds that are located in a green pod. These pods are the fruits of the cardamom plant, the only part of which is the same green cardamom fruit.

The use of green cardamom as a flavoring and aromatic spice is very common in Eastern countries. In Iran, green cardamom is used as a seasoning in breads and sweets and as a tea flavoring.


The benefits of cardamom

The first property of cardamom is to eliminate nausea and bloating, all of which are due to the natural aroma of this plant.

Cardamom is hot and dry, so it can be used as a sedative and soothing in tea.

Due to the presence of many antioxidants in cardamom, it can be said that the seeds inside the pods of this plant help digest food by stimulating the secretion of bile acids and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Apart from these, cardamom is used as a treatment for gastric reflux and heartburn, diarrhea and so on.

Experience has shown that plants that have a more pleasant aroma and flavor are very effective in treating depression and helping to rejuvenate. For patients with acute depression, drinking cardamom infusion is highly recommended.

Herbs such as thyme, cardamom and chamomile are very effective herbal remedies for chronic cough, asthma and shortness of breath due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Green cardamom makes blood circulation easier and as a result, oxygen delivery to all organs of the body is done in a special order.

Due to the presence of large amounts of manganese (which is one of the most important organic matter (minerals)), green cardamom is a great treatment for diabetes.

In ancient sciences, cardamom is used as a definitive treatment for diseases and infections of the urinary tract such as cystitis, nephritis and gonorrhea, and all this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom, which scientists have long believed. Cardamom is a very useful treatment for many infectious diseases.

Green cardamom is also used to treat hiccups. In traditional medicine, it is said that boiling a few green cardamom pods with water and drinking the liquid obtained from this boiling can be an immediate cure for hiccups.

The industrial applications of cardamom are also numerous. This plant is used to prepare essential oils for cooking, bread and confectionery, and of course in the perfume industry.



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