Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or as an oil or juice.
Ginger is an edible root that belongs to the group of herbaceous plants that have a very warm nature and is mostly grown in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The flowers of the ginger plant are shiny green and look like the stems of a corn plant (but with a much shorter height). The best time to harvest ginger root is summer (late summer).

In fact, you should know that the edible part of the ginger plant is the swollen part of the ginger stem that is under the soil, but in slang terms, ginger is an edible root (like carrot).

The use of ginger in the past has been very common in medicine and today it is available to everyone as a home herbal medicine and of course it has many uses in cooking. In an experiment conducted by naval physicians, ginger was very effective in treating nausea caused by seasickness and is generally the prescription for many conditions of nausea caused by climate change.

Dried ginger is very sensitive to cold and has no resistance to dehydration at all, so it usually grows in hot and humid areas such as southern India, which has monsoon rains.


dried ginger


Benefits of dried ginger

Before any definition, you should know the amount of vitamins and minerals in each gram of dried ginger:

Each 100 grams of dried ginger contains 17 grams of carbohydrates

1.7 grams of sugar

2 grams of fiber

0.75 grams of fat

0.025 mg of vitamin B1

0.034 mg of vitamin B3

0.16 mg of vitamin B6

5 mg of vitamin C.

16 mg of calcium

0.6 mg of iron

0.229 mg magnesium

34 mg of phosphorus

415 mg of potassium

And of course 79 grams of water

In general, there are about 80 kcal per 100 grams of dried ginger, which is a very significant amount.

Dried Ginger blocks the release of cytokines (a group of water-soluble protein molecules secreted by various cells in response to a stimulus by blocking coke enzymes and preventing the release of chemicals such as leukotrienes into the body, and is responsible for transmitting messages between cells. They are responsible for) in the cell and this is why many people use ginger as an anti-inflammatory.

Shogaol (a chemical compound with a molar mass of 276.37) is a compound found in the dried ginger plant, which significantly reduces skin allergies. Therefore, the use of dried ginger in the treatment of skin eczema is highly recommended.



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